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Are you ready to surprise Roberta?

This is a big year as she celebrates 20 years of dancing in Kingsburg AND her 50th birthday. We all know that she does not like the spotlight on her, BUT she certainly deserves it! She has impacted countless lives and we want to TELL HER HOW MUCH WE LOVE HER!


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Here is the plan...

Together, we will create the most amazing book filled with memories, love notes, pictures and laughs. Imagine what a priceless gift that will be for her sentimental soul!

By clicking the link/button, it will take you to a page where you can submit a letter, a memory, as many photos as you want!  When we are all done, they will print and ship us one HUGE, BEAUTIFUL book of LOVE. I can see her tears now. This will mean so much to her.


What you need to do...


  1. Gather any photos you may have...1 or 20. 

  2. Type out a note, 1 sentence or 100.

  3. Submit your letter/photos by May 20th.

  4. Share this link with anyone you think may want to be part of this!

  5. Donate - any amount, even $5 - this will help with the printing of the book, and any other special give we can give her!

Check back soon, we will be posting a link to buy tickets to our alumni show on Friday evening, June 9th at The KHS Little Theatre in Kingsburg.

What if I can't figure out how to do this, but I really want to contribute?

Text or email me - Jamie - I will help you!

559-303-7456 or



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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