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When Roberta Woods was just 5 years old, she started dancing at a small studio in Caruthers, CA.  Fast forward to 1990, during her junior year of high school, she began her time at TDS. Roberta trained, competed, and then continued to teach at TDS through 1999. 


In 1994, Sue and Roberta opened the first TDS2 together in Oakhurst.  After guiding and mentoring her, Sue then let Roberta take the reigns and continue on with her own studio in Oakhurst, but under a new name: ‘The Dance Company’.  In 2003, after marrying her High School sweetheart KC, Roberta moved ‘The Dance Company’ (TDC) to its new home in Kingsburg. 


As of 2019, TDC is currently in its 16th season.  Roberta stays very busy teaching and directing her Elite teams, and is a mom to three beautiful and amazing girls...Peyton (18), Presley (14) and Parker (11).  

A note from Roberta: “Sue Sampson-Dalena is the reason why I have a successful studio today. She didn’t just teach me how to dance, give me classes to teach or help me open a studio, she taught me so much more about life... She taught me dedication, how to work hard, what it means to be a positive role model, and to never give up when things get difficult. Because of her guidance, I can be there for my dancers and pass on those very same lessons I learned from Sue.  She believed in me, when she didn’t have to, and gave this little country girl a chance when I said I wanted to open a studio someday.  Because of her, my childhood dream came true.

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