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June 9th - Dress Rehearsal
June 10th - Rec
KHS Little Theatre

How many recital shows will there be?

  • Recital is divided into 5 or 6 small shows as the theater fits 400 guests (this also means there isn’t a bad seat in the house!). Because of this, ticket counts are very important. 

  • If your dancer is placed in more than one show, you will receive 5 tickets per show at no additional charge (included with recital fee). 

  • We will announce exact times or placement of shows 4-6 weeks prior to recital

  • Dancers do not need a ticket to any show they are dancing in, but will need a ticket to attend any show they are NOT performing in. If they have a sibling dancing, they will receive a comp ticket for that show.

What do I need to know about recital tickets?

  • Each family pays a $65 recital fee by March 10th (this fee includes up to 5 recital tickets per family for each show your dancer is in…dancers do not need a ticket)

  • Ticket Fees (beyond the first 5) are $10/person and each show after that is additional $5/person. EXAMPLE: Dancer is in show 1 and 2. Grandpa wants to come to both shows. He will pay $10 for first show, and $5 for the second show = total $15

  • You can request 10 additional tickets – you must request AND pay for them by March 30th. Any requests over the 15 total tickets will go on a wait list and may be sold *if* seats open-up (these must be paid for at time of pick-up, which will be May).

  • Tickets will need to be paid (at the cost of one show) to finalize your request. Once you submit the form, you will see a charge on your account and can pay this fee (no later than March 30th). 

  • If you need tickets to multiple shows, the balance will need to be paid upon ticket pick-up (in May).

  • There will be no refunds given for tickets purchased (unless a show sells out and we request ticket buyback) 

What do I need to do right away?

  • You will see the ticket charges to your account within 24-48 hours of submitting your request.

  • You will need to pay this no later than March 30th to keep your ticket request.


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